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Großer Schatten I, Linolschnitt, Ölfarbe auf Karton, Papierformat: 70 cm h x 50 cm b, Auflage: 3, Entstehungsjahr: 2003 Dear visitor,

we offer you a special city tour on foot through Bremen. We are also happy to escort you on your bus on an interesting ride through the old Hanseatic city.

A city tour with is an unusual and rewarding experience for a company christmas event, for a family party or club event. You can enrich and enliven a workshop, conference, symposium or business convention with an entertaining tour of the city.

During the two hour tour of the inner city, we familiarize the guests with all the important sites such as the medieval City Hall and Roland statue, the Cathedral, the unusual Böttcherstasse and the cosy and original old Schnoor district.

Bremen is currently an attractive destination for overseas visitors. The city with its over 1.200 year history, is comfortably accessible by foot, and the changes and developments are easy to recognize.

We look forward to being able to welcome you soon.

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